(Grant) Scaling up the Barrio Digital (Digital Neighborhood) Program in La Paz, Bolivia



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The proposed project will support the development of an ICT-enabled platform for citizen engagement and feedback provision - called Barrio Digital (Digital Neighborhood) - that will be based on customizable open-source software so that it can be easily maintained by the municipality/PBCVin the future. The development and implementation of Barrio Digital will allow citizens to send real-time feedback, grievances and requests for assistance from their cell phones or through the Internet to GAMLP, through an online platform managed by PBCV.
To build a local (user-centric design) platform that can be customized and to implement a communication and engagement strategy in order to identify issues particular to each neighborhood.
Activity 1. Primary studies Previous research / preparatory activities: Previous experiences identified and proposal to Cities Alliance submitted Activity 2. Prospecting • Demand Study Report • Supply Study Report • Visits to prospective social organizations: 2 social partner organizations selected for participation, with agreements signed • Study of lessons learned in previous experiences: Report on lessons learned from previous experiences Activity 3. Model structuring • Hypotheses formulation: Hypotheses mapped • Model Design: Guide to Model with the tools needed for implementation • Articulation with other local actions / programmes: Agreements with local partners signed • Workshops with community organisations: 2 workshops systematised • Institutional workshop for validating model and workgroup: Final model document validated by partners • Public policy design with participation of Ministry of Cities and CAIXA: Public Policy Proposal Activity 4. Proof of Concept • Areas selected • Area 1: Team Selection and Training • Area 1: Carrying out 50 assistances for home repairs • Area 2: Team Selection and Training • Area 2: Carrying out 50 assistances for home repairs • Monitoring and Evaluation: Experience’s evaluation and systematisation documented • Public policy proposal validation before various echelons and councils: Public Policy Proposal validated by policy councils
Expected Impacts and Results
There will be a scaling up of Barrio Digital \to the 136 neighborhoods benefited by the PBCV. As part of the scaling up, PBCV will also be coordinating with the Inter-American Development Bank as a co-financier of the PBCV program. In addition, the municipality will not have to pay any licensing fees for the open-source tools and PBCV staff will be trained to maintain the platform as part of their regular work and using their existing networks, servers and phone to receive citizen feedback.