(Grant) Reintegration and Rehabilitation of Involuntary Returned Migrants in Jamaica



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The Reintegration & Rehabilitation of Involuntary Returned Migrants Project will complement and build on existing initiatives at the national and local levels to strengthen systems to address issues associated with the treatment of migrants and in particular involuntary returned migrants (deportees) in the country and especially in urban centres. This innovative project seeks to strengthen the policy, legislative and institutional framework that guides the management and treatment of deportees to the island. This includes finalizing the National Deportation Policy and developing a strategy and standard operating procedures (SOPs) for managing returned migrants. The project will also contribute to increasing the capacity of entities including non-government organizations to provide more efficient and effective services to deportees and strengthen the integration of migration issues in the local sustainable development planning process now being undertaken by local authorities. It is expected that the project will result in the creation of a national coordination mechanism through building of partnerships to address issues concerning involuntary returned migrants, aligned to the country’s policy priorities on migration.
Objective 1: Revised Deportation Policy including Minimum Standard Operating Procedures for Reintegration of Deported Migrants & Reintegration & Rehabilitation Strategy Objective 2: National coordination for the operationalization of the policy and legal framework strengthened Objective 3: Improved capacity of service providers to network and address long term needs of deported migrants Objective 4: Framework for the measuring and tracking reintegration of returned migrants Objective 5: Capacity of local authorities to mainstream migration in planning and service provision enhanced
Activity 1.1 Conduct of baseline study and spatial mapping on deported persons Baseline study completed on deported persons Activity 1.2 Develop minimum standard operating procedures for reintegration of deported migrants Activity 1.3 Revise deportation policy through consultations with stakeholders Activity 1.4 Develop & Submit (to Cabinet) Reintegration and Rehabilitation strategy Activity 2.1 Develop TOR for NTWG for the reintegration of deported migrants Activity 2.2 Convene planning workshop and quarterly meetings with NTWG Activity 3.1 Conduct capacity assessment of NGOS serving returned migrants Activity 3.2 Facilitate targeted training through partnership for 30 service providers Activity 3.3 Facilitate targeted training through partnership for 50 beneficiaries Activity 3.4 Procure additional equipment & resources needed to expand income generation capacity of 2 NGOs in 2 business areas for 2 NGOs Activity 4.1 Conduct consultations with key entities for the preparation and validation of the framework and protocol for tracking the reintegration of returned migrants Activity 5.1 capacity development activities to improve service provision & planning by local authorities for returned migrants Activity 5.2 Develop public education material for distribution at help desks of local authorities Activity 5.3 Prepare Strategy for including reintegration of returned migrants in LSDP process Activity 5.4 Develop sustainability strategy for Parish Safety & Security Committees
Expected Impacts and Results
Outcome 1: Policy & regulatory framework and national coordinated approach for reintegration & rehabilitation of returned migrants established Outcome 2: Enabling environment for livelihood opportunities for migrants enhanced Outcome 3: Enhanced capacity of local authorities to mainstream migration in planning and service provision