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The Citizen Action Network for Safe and Effective Transportation (Red Accion Ciudadana para el Transporte Eficiente e Seguro) here referred to as Transporte Eficiente e Seguro (RedACTES) is a project conceived of by Transparency International in partnership with its National Chapters in Argentina and Guatemala, to generate an effective response to the cost, especially in terms of violence and lost lives, of corruption in the public transportation sectors in Guatemala City and Buenos Aires.
The main development objective is to contribute to the provision of safe and efficient public transportation for poor and underserved communities, especially women and girls.
Outputs/Deliverables Activities 1. BUILD RIGHTS AWARENESS: STRENGTHENING BUS USERS CAPACITY FOR EXERCISING RIGHTS TO SAFE AND EFFICIENT SERVICE DELIVERY ? Develop Charter and Protocols - Passenger Charter and Protocols ? Translation of Charter and Protocols to local languages and into pictures ? Graphic Design Charter and Protocols ? Dissemination of Charter and Protocols - Multi-media outreach campaign 2. GENERATE STAKEHOLDER PLATFORM FOR MONITORING, DENOUNCING AND RESPONDING TO POOR SERVICE DELIVERY (IN TERMS OF BUS SERVICE AND SAFETY) ? Develop RedACTES web-based platform ? Receive and process user reports as “heat maps” ? Moderate RedACTES social network 3. COMMUNICATE SERVICE DELIVERY “Hot Spots” TO WIDER PUBLIC VIA DAILY COMMUNITY RADIO ANNOUNCEMENTS ? Daily Community Radio Alerts 4. TRANSFORMATION: PROMOTE IMPROVED SERVICE DELIVERY TROUGH POLICY REFORM ? Develop SMART recommendations for strengthening accountability of institutions (public and private) and policies related to public transportation safety and service delivery. ? Validation of recommendations and indicators for implementation with stakeholders from relevant public and private institutions. ? Advocacy for Implementation of Proposed Reforms ? Monitoring Implementation of Proposed Reforms 5. LEARNING, KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER, REPLICATION ? Project Advisory Board Meetings ? Knowledge sharing of REDACTES ? Replication of REDACTES platform 6. PROJECT SAFETY ? Security Audit (Data and Staff) ? Safety protocols training for project 7. MONITORING AND EVALUATION ? Develop Baseline Survey ? Implement baseline survey ? Develop impact matrix ? Implement impact matrix 8. PROJECT MANAGEMENT ? Coordination of activities in Guatemala (25% FTE of Accion Ciudadana Senior Project Coordinator or ED) ? Project Supervision (5% FTE of Programme Manager) ? Project Accounting (10 days of project accountant) ? RedACTES platform Quality Assurance (10 days of TI Data and Technology Coordinator) ? Security Risk Mitigation Oversight
Expected Impacts and Results
Expected project outcomes are increased public control and social accountability of the basic services to ensure safe and efficient public transportation, and improved fulfillment of public contracts related to public transportation service and safety delivery.