(Grant) Más información para más seguridad. Ciudadanos, municipalidades y policías informados para una mejor gestión local de la seguridad ciudadana en Lima y Callao



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The proposed project will focus on the inclusion of youth at risk in social development activities in the municipalities of La Esperanza and Huanchaco. The idea is to develop an ecological tourist destination, transforming the highest parts of this human settlement which is plagued with water scarcity, and transform it into an "Ecological Human Settlements", which is a place which has adopted sustainable environmental practices. For the relevant improvement of housing issues in the community, micro projects will be created with the participation of volunteers, particularly architecture students. They will coordinate activities towards the amelioration of the poorest households in terms of designing better living spaces, implementing systems of waste management and also the improvement of recreational spaces. All this with the utilization of low cost material
Develop artistic skills among young people, enhancing the social and employment integration of the group and promoting an ecological human settlement as a tourist destination. 2. Awareness and call for youth performing arts in the streets. 3. Training programme in artistic skills upgrading (break dance and graffiti). 4.Training programme in habitat improvement and environment, water reuse, lime painting techniques directed to 100 youth (breakers and other youth unemployed) of selected human settlements.
1 Workshop sessions with the two municipalities to define policies for urban development and social integration of youth.
Expected Impacts and Results
Promote sustainable urbanization and youth-led development in marginal urban areas of Peru.