(Grant) Liberia National Urban Forum 2015



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This urban forum will be thematically organized around "reshaping Liberia’s urban future and delivering tomorrow’s sustainable urban places and spaces." It will be executed in conjunction with Ministry of Internal Affairs / Department of Urban Affairs.
• To introduce and establish the institutional and modus operandi of the National Urban Forum; • To strengthen partnerships between state and non-state actors in the development of an urban development agenda and road map for Liberia; • Discuss and explore how urban and spatial planning concepts, principles and practices can enhance better living conditions in our cities and urban centers; • To dialogue about urban development strategies and to disseminate information to the general public about rights and responsibilities about living in urban areas; • Support the development of a national spatial framework for decentralization; Discuss and address urban governance and management challenges in the contexts of transparency in urban land administration and management; and • Develop a comprehensive road map for the development of an urban land use policy for Liberia
Specific Objectives/Key Activities/Components Objective 1 Conference Materials delivered 1.1 Activity: Purchasing stationary, folders, flip charts, pens, writing pads and printer cartridges for use from 300 people 1.2 Activity: Breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks for 300 people over two days Objective 2 Pre, During and Post Forum Advocacy 2.1 Activity: Design, purchase and dissemination of 300 print programmes, 500 t-shirts and 5 banners 2.2 Activity: Pre-Forum Media Coverage 2.3 Activity: Forum Media Coverage 2.4 Activity: Forum Media Coverage Objective 3 National Urban Forum Secretariat established and functioning 3.1 IT equipment purchase 3.2 Fuel 3.3 Local transport 3.4 Toiletries Objective 4 Domestic travel and accommodation for Forum participants 4.1 Travel for 26 city mayors and planners outside of greater Monrovia (transportation allowance for road travel by Mayors/Planners from cities that are categorized in 3 zones A, B and C based on distance/travel costs to/from Monrovia) 4.2 Travel for 9 senior officials in greater Monrovia (transportation allowance for road travel within greater Monrovia) 4.3 Accommodation for 26 city mayors and planners travelling from outside of greater Monrovia Objective 5 Documentation of Forum proceedings 5.1 Services of 1 rapporteur/report writer and 2 note takers