Good Governance for Growth & Transformation- The State of Ethiopian Cities Project



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This state of cities report aims to support policy makers and local decision makers by providing analytical data on the existing patterns and profiles in Ethiopian cities that can be used to plan and measure progress into the future. The State of Ethiopian Cities Report assembles and verifies existing data. It also collects new data on topics that are essential for the report but are not addressed by previous surveys and researches. In this senses the report creates a good synergy with the Integrated Urban Database activity supported by the Cities Alliance and hosted by the MUDC. Furthermore the first round report will provide a good base for launching the integrated urban database. The State of the Ethiopian Cities activity also provides an institutional base for the data and the project within a learning institution thereby ensuring that what is gathered will be used in training the next generation of scholars and practitioners in Ethiopian cities.
This proposal aims to mobilize resources to attain three specific objectives that will contribute directly to both its national development goals and enable city governments address the service delivery needs of their residents. The first objective is to collect, analyze and disseminate data on the selected including the largest cities in the country. The lack of up to date and well organized data on the largest and fastest growing urban centers of Ethiopia makes managing of urban growth challenging. The second objective is to utilize the process of collecting and analysis data on the major growth nodes across the country to engage with urban practitioners and scholars in Ethiopia. This approach signifies an important shift in urban research, knowledge production and dissemination methods undertaken in the past, by relying on local skills, expertise and knowledge on Ethiopian cities. The third objective is to use the process of compiling the State of Ethiopian Cities to enhance existing networks at federal, regional and local level to build a platform for professional exchanges, information sharing and policy feedback on urban management on a national and regional basis.
Component One: Assemble and Analyze Data on the Current Urban System in Ethiopia Component Two: Build the Capacity of institutions involved in research and data base collection and management Component Three: Support the Creation of Platforms for Knowledge Networking and Exchange
Expected Impacts and Results
1. to provide urban policy and decision makers of FDRE at all level with analytical data on exiting urban systems and profiles that will help them to monitor progress towards defined targets as well as to plan and implement appropriate measures to insure balanced and sustainable urban development. 2. to enhance the capacity of urban practitioners and higher academic institutions to assess and define the modern urban system in Ethiopia.