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Ghana is the second country where clear synergies have been identified with the Cities Alliance's global programme Land, Services and Citizenship for the Urban Poor (LSC). The LSC programme was designed to assist a selected group of developing countries grapple with the challenge of rapid urbanisation, growing cities and deepening urban poverty. The objective of the Ghana LSC programme is to create inclusive cities without slums in order to maximise the potential of urbanisation by proactively managing urban growth. Given the need to change attitudes and the political commitment in Ghana to elevate the urban agenda, CA members and local partners have identified a project focused on advocacy and awareness-raising around urban issues as a key intervention that will contribute towards achieving the objectives of the LSC programme in Ghana.
The Urban Voice Ghana radio program project has two main objectives. The first objective is to bring multiple issues into the public debate. Citizens, if they are to cause change, must have guidance on which issues matter most. Each program will, therefore, aim to expose citizens of all walks of life to topics of importance to urban development. The second objective is to level the playing field by allowing the urban poor to have as much weight as the business person, the middle class or policy makers; the program will afford them — the urban poor — with the same respect as any other guest. They will be asked to put forth solutions that demonstrate their willingness to participate in the urban debate.
See Orignal Project P125956 Ghana Urban Voice Radio Program (see project for document
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See Orignal Project P125956 Ghana Urban Voice Radio Program (see project for document