Development, urban management and poverty reduction strategies for the cities of Maradi and Dosso, Niger



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Translate the national poverty reduction objectives and the goals of the national Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper into specific poverty reduction objectives appropriate to the specific context of each of the two cities involved; and validate and disseminate a city development strategy process and tools based on the specific cases of Dosso and Maradi, in collaboration with the Association of Cities and Communes of Niger.
1) Identify and adapt specific objectives to reduce urban poverty in the 2 cities (based on the participative process launched through the national programme of urban infrastructure rehabilitation (PRIU));  2)  Establish at the level of the 2 cities institutional mechanisms and operational tools in order to increase the impact of development programmes on poverty reduction;  3) Establish, validate and disseminate an approcah to city development strategies for all urban communces in Niger and the programme of priority actions.
1)  Develop a detailed assessment of the state of both cities, including a poverty assessment and analysis of the economic role of both cities in their respective regions;  2) Identify urban development constraints, including institutional bottlenecks (based on the two cities);  3) Prepare a City Development Strategy for each of the two cities;  4) Develop and disseminate a national urban development strategy based upon the CDS experience of Dosso and Maradi.
Expected Impacts and Results
(i) A better choice of urban investment with a better cost/benefit relation and increased employment, better targeting of the needs of the urban poor, and better matching of local resources;  (ii) A clear definition of roles between the different actors who intervene in local development, strengthening of local and regional actors for their own development and a strengthening of participatory decision-making processes at the local level;  (iii) Strengthened local capacity for poverty reduction within the national and local framework. * Additional sponsoring partners include Coopération Française (France), Coopération Belge (Belgium), CIDA (Canada) and KfW (Germany).