Development Strategy for Secondary Cities



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The Government of Mongolia is concerned about increasing population and mounting poverty in Ulaanbaatar due to a lack of economic opportunities in smaller provincial towns. The proposed City Development Strategies will promote a participatory approach to strategy formulation in 5 secondary cities with a focus on consensus building among stakeholders.
1) Formulate a City Development Strategy for each selected city, based on medium-term and long-term perspectives;  2)  Improve the effectiveness of their development strategies, particularly through greater incorporation of poverty concerns, regional development and stakeholder consultation;  3) Identify improvements to rural-urban linkages;  4) Build local government capacity in planning and programming priority investments;  5) Identify local economic development opportunities.
1) Review current City Development Strategies prepared for secondary/medium towns;  2) Identification of strengths and weaknesses of each of the five towns;  3) Participatory consultation on City Development Strategies;  4) Preparation of development strategies for secondary cities and their region;  5) Training, capacity building and knowledge sharing  
Expected Impacts and Results
The expected impacts are: (a) clearer vision, and more focused actions to implement strategies and action plans, including more effective support from Government of Mongolia and donors (b) increased awareness of poverty issues and more focused poverty alleviation measures (c) stronger rural-urban linkages (d) improved knowledge sharing and information exchange