Development of the National Urban Policy and Strategic Urban Development Plan for Uganda



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Uganda’s Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development is proposing to develop a national urban policy and strategic urbandevelopment plan for the period 2010 – 2025, aiming for well managed urban development to enhance the urban sector’s role as a driver of economic growth. Through a participatory process involving key stakeholders from public and private sectors, civil society, academia, development partners and others, a shared national vision will be developed with a strategic development framework rooted in a comprehensive analysis of the urban sector. As part of this process, indicators will be compiled to monitor progress. The National Urban Policy and Strategic Urban Development Plan will address key challenges such as inadequacies in data availability, local capacities and financing, and legislative constraints.
The main objective is to develop a national urban policy and a strategic urban development plan for the period 2010 – 2025, aimed at increasing urban sector competitiveness. Providing a shared national vision for the management of urban growth, the urban policy and strategic development plan will address legal, institutional, policy and financial constraints in order to improve urban sector planning, development, management, service delivery, livelihood and urban governance
i. Establishment and setting-up of the Steering Committee and Secretariat for the project; ii. Procurement of consultants to support and facilitate the implementation of studies and formulation of the policy and strategic urban development plan; iii. Development of an EIC strategy targeting the various stakeholders in the urban sector who will participate in the process of policy preparation; iv. Data collection to establish baseline state of the urban sector; v. Analysis of data relating different themes (population, land use, social development, economy, infrastructure, transport, housing, environment, financing, governance, disaster management and institutional arrangements); vi. Preparation of the Situation Analysis Report; vii. Participatory consultations among various key stakeholders; viii. Development of draft National Urban Policy and the Strategic Urban Development Plan (2010 – 2025). ix. Organize regional workshops and a National Urban conference.
Expected Impacts and Results
i) Effective coordination of stakeholders throughout the process; ii) Development of an Education, Information and Communication (EIC) Strategy targeting key stakeholders; iii) Production and dissemination of a comprehensive situation analysis of the urban sector ; iv) Establishment of a national database of key urban indicators; v) Development of a National Urban Policy and Strategic Urban Development Plan for 2010 – 2025; vi) Launch of a National Urban Campaign