Developing a National Slum Upgrading Strategy for the Philippines



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As part of the existing Joint Work Programme between the Cities Alliance and the Government of the Philippines, the proposal aims to develop a National Slum Upgrading Strategy to guide the National Government and local government units (LGUs) in the preparation and implementation of effective policies and programs on slum upgrading.
The strategy is expected to provide reference and support the key thrusts of the Government to develop “Sustainable Communities” and formulate a “National Government Resettlement Policy”, as well as present inputs in updating the National Urban Development and Housing Framework (NUDHF). It is envisioned to align and feed into the preparation and implementation of the CY2010–2016 Medium Term Philippine Development Plan (MTPDP), which focuses on promoting inclusive growth and addressing inequity as a central theme.
Phase 1: Preparatory Activities 1.1 Institutional Arrangements 1.2 Preparatory Workshop This phase will focus on the readiness of institutions involved in the assignment and will involve establishing the implementation arrangements and the conduct of a preparatory workshop to launch the project and obtain local and global insights that could feed into the design and implementation of its different phases. Phase 2: Comprehensive Assessment 2.1 Inventory and Assessment of Policies, Programs, Processes and Institutions 2.2 Inventory and Assessment of Slum Issues. The lack of national, comprehensive and updated information about slum communities is seen as a critical limitation in the development and implementation of more responsive slum upgrading policies and programs and in monitoring the extent to which these have been effective. Relative to this, a comprehensive assessment of the conditions, issues, opportunities and risks confronting slum communities will be undertaken to provide the necessary information and serve as anchor for the formulation of a National Slum Upgrading Strategy. Phase 3: Strategy Forumulation. The National Slum Upgrading Strategy will be formulated taking into account the findings and recommendations of the Comprehensive Assessment Report under Phase2. The current directions and priorities of the new Government will also be considered and reviewed to ensure that the strategy is aligned with these and that it is able to provide inputs to the concerned agencies in designing related programs. The strategy is expected to support the formulation of the National Government Resettlement Policy by HUDCC by providing the results of the qualitative assessment and characterization of slum communities as analytical reference.
Expected Impacts and Results
1. National Slum Upgrading Strategy mainstreamed in national and local government planning processes. 2. Increased knowledge and involvement of stakeholders on issues and in initiatives related to slum upgrading.