Dar es Salaam: Investment Resource Mobilization for Metropolitan Development



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Lesson Learned for Cities Alliance Members and Partners
• The lessons learned from this initial “city-Forum” in Tanzania are summarized below as input for potential further similar events in Dar es Salaam, and for similar events in other large cities in the country. • Inform the target audience well in advance of the event in order to raise awareness and prevent possible timing conflict with other events. • Involve key local government officials early on to secure full commitment and coordination • (Particularly if more than one local authority is involved in a metropolitan-scale event). • Secure national government support early on for the event and seek their advice • Form a cross-sectoral working group for the preparation of the city’s proposed investment program for support, and ensure that they review and confirm the content of the final version. • Engage one person to be the facilitator and coordinator of this preparation process. • Focus each subject of the documentation on: characteristics of the current situation in the city, ongoing activities and achievements to date, the priority needs and development requirements, estimated costs and anticipated institutional responsibilities. • Consider distributing a summary of the proposed investment program to be presented at the Forum in order to allow participants to review and reflect on the program a little before the event itself. (This was not possible for this Forum due to time constraints and the magnitude of program preparations necessary to compile the requirements of four local authorities in a coherent manner.) • Mobilize as many development partners as possible as “co-sponsors” to reflect that the city already counts on some development partnerships • Choose a city venue rather than a hotel to reflect that the session is “anchored” in the ongoing development activities of the local authority(s) rather than being a one-time isolated event. This will likely also help making the event cost-effective. • Ensure that all key local authority officials will attend (mayors, councilors, directors, etc.) • Engage a suitable moderator to “move the event along”, introduce speakers, keep time, etc.


Dar es Salaam, the capital city of Tanzania, houses around 40% of country’s urban population. The Dar es Salaam metropolitan government (Dar Es Salaam City Council - DCC) is planning to intensify external resource mobilisation for the city in order to fulfill its huge investment needs. This activity aims to support these resource mobilization efforts of DCC by strengthening communication with donors and investors regarding the city's development opportunities and investment needs. This activity is expected to generate useful lessons for other cities in Africa and beyond.
The proposed activity aims to help attract investment for Dar es Salaam by refining the content and documentation of the city's strategic plans and by presenting its investment programmes to the donor community and private sector investors for their consideration.
Phase 1: Consultation with Dar Local Authorities (DLAs) and agree on scope, approach, and work plan Phase 2: Compilation, Review and Enhancement of the Strategic Plans of Dar es Salaam Phase 3: Finalisation of material and meeting plans Phase 4: Dar es Salaam Consultative Group Meeting
Expected Impacts and Results
The Forum was instrumental in positioning and communicating the development needs and priorities of the city to various actors including the national government, bilateral and multi-lateral organizations. It also created an improved awareness among private sector participants of the potential for PPPs in selective sectors in the city. For example, the Forum triggered the interest of a South African waste management company to a near future explore the potential for any PPP in Dar es Salaam for solid waste disposal systems. The Forum allowed the Dar es Salaam City Council and the three municipal councils, Ilala, Kinondoni and Temeke to gain important exposure to key development partners in Tanzania, and at the same time learn from the metropolitan management experiences in other countries (India and China). The consultative process was designed to attract sustained financial assistance for the city from donors and investors. As a result, the Government and the World Bank are currently at an advanced stage of preparing a project for Dar es Salaam Metropolitan Development. The Project Concept Note (PCN) was approved by the Bank for preparation of a long-term partnership for the proposed Dar es Salaam Metropolitan Development Project (DMDP), supported by an Adaptable Program Loan (APL) with the first Phase financed by a $75 million IDA credit. The French Development Agency (AfD) is actively considering co-financing of the same. Discussions have also been held with other development partners for possible additional financial contributions.