(Contract) End-Line Study for Cities Alliance Country Programme in Ghana



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The scope of the consultancy is to collect an end-line for those districts of GAMA which are focus of the Ghana Country Programme and included in the initial baseline study. The end-line will be gathered in reference to the set of indicators contained in Tier II of the Cities Alliance Results Chain.
As part of the Ghana M&E plan, the Cities Alliance seek to hire a consultant entity to work with the Cities Alliance Secretariat and the Country Programme team to carry out an “end-line” study for the Ghana Country Programme now that activities are coming to a closure. An initial baseline study was completed within the first quarter of 2014 and defined the status of the indicators that are used to assess achievement of the Cities Alliance core objectives and evaluate the programme outcomes. The objective of this end-line study is to update the initial baseline and measure the progress achieved to date.
A. Inception Report. The consultant will develop a detailed inception report outlining approach and methodology for each of the indicator (Annex A), data sources for desk and field work, tools and relevant locations for field work, detailed implementation plan consistent with the overall timeline included in this TOR. ? Time inputs (estimated): 5 days B. Final Report. The final report shall cover four major aspects: (a) description of the methodology adopted and of any variation from the inception report (what and how data were collected, samples, reliability of data, control groups etc.); (b) summary of findings with end-lines for the list indicators (listed in Annex A) (c) lesson learnt and recommendations for next data gathering; (d) relevant annexes such as list of communities/locations surveyed and sampled, references for secondary documents, full raw data sets etc. The final report will be initially submitted in a draft form and finalized following a two-week comment period. ? Time inputs (estimated): 20 days – inclusive of field work ? Restrictions: Final report should not exceed 20 page lengths (excluding Annexes) and be provided in English.
Expected Impacts and Results