City-Wide Scaling Up of Slum Upgrading



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Lesson Learned for Cities Alliance Members and Partners
Lessons derived from the Task Manager's Completion Report... For city-wide scaling up leading to sustained improvements, timely legislation, institutional reform, and financing are critical. Success of the Ahmedabad Slum Upgrading Society (a special purpose vehicle designed with Cities Alliance assistance) is dependent on its operational autonomy with broad representation from stakeholders and flexibility for implementing its mandate.  The Ahmedabad Slum Upgrading Society could offer an important opportunity to institutionalize the effective partnership forged between the municipality, NGOs, and slum communiities. Sustainability of upgrading projects would be increased with resident associations having a say in investment and service decisions, and contributing towards capital and operational costs.


Since 1994 the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has been pursuing a partnership policy to upgrade slums in the city. Based on the experience of past five years, the partners now wish to scale up their capacity to upgrade slums throughout the city, both to provide citizens of Ahmedabad with healthy and productive living environments, and as a key element of AMC’s plan to make the city competitive in the international markets.
The objective is to facilitate scaling up and expedite a city-wide upgrading program through an appropriate institutional structure which is jointly represented by the local government and all partners of the on-going slum upgrading program.
a) Designing the institutional framework and preparation of financial business plan through a consultative process;  b) Advocacy and policy dialogue for leveraging public funds and legislative measures for gaining regulatory approvals for upgrading settlements;  c) Donor coordination on city wide strategy for slum upgrading
Expected Impacts and Results
Enhanced service delivery for the poor will be institutionalized by virtue of the slum upgrading program being made operational at a city scale. The monitoring system put in place will have feedback mechanisms to and from all stakeholders including community groups and the wider public.