City Upgrading Strategy for Urban Dili, Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste



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Timor-Leste (East Timor)


The proposal to develop a Dili City Upgrading Strategy (CUS) has been mooted since East Timor first became the world’s newest nation in May 2002. This proposal represents an up to date assessment of the needs of East Timor in this increasingly important area of urban development.
1. Provide a city upgrading strategy for the future development of Urban Dili that meets the needs and aspirations of Dili’s residents. The strategy would have as a key objective the identification of areas in high need of assistance, these being poorest and most disadvantaged areas of the city;  2. Provide a model for overall sustainable finance through the selected pilot projects for replication through-out the city and the other urban centres of the country.
1. City Wide Housing Inventory;  2. Identification of Key Issues and Determination of Neighbourhood Priorities;  3. Development of Action and Investment Plan for Upgrading in urban Dili.
Expected Impacts and Results
Key outputs of this project will be: A City Slum Upgrading Strategy to improve quality of life and urban management of Dili’s poorer areas comprising: 1) Strategic plan for city slum upgrading including vision, goals, objectives, policies and programs for the future development of Dili;  2) Slum upgrading policy and plan consisting of community local area plans;  3) A framework for infrastructure investment for under-served settlements;  4) Investment plan outlining needed cash and human resources;  5)  A model for sustainable financing of upgrading projects;  6) Upgrading methodology tested in selected small-scale pilot projects