City-Regional Development Strategies in China



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The program will build upon the Bank’s successful assistance to the Chinese government in developing a national urbanization agenda at the central level, and the smooth implementation of the ongoing CDS activities in four major cities in Hunan and Guizhou Provinces. The new program will assist four major Chinese city-regions - each including a major city, a few medium sized cities and various towns - to upgrade the effectiveness and equity of their development strategies.
The key objective is to upgrade the effectiveness and equity of city-regional development strategies, particularly by an enhanced incorporation of poverty concerns, regional developmental and management linkages, and stakeholder consultation. The program will not only address economic and infrastructure development strategies of the cities, but also improvements in the labor market and social service, and regional linkages and coordination of such strategies.
1. Review of current development strategies;  2. Participatory consultations on city and city-region development strategies;  3. Thematic studies for selected city-regions;  4. Preparation of development strategies for the city-regions;  5. Enhancement of city level strategies;  6. Recommendations on a national strategy toward region-based urban development;  7. Training and capacity building
Expected Impacts and Results
The expected impacts will be:  (1) strengthened rural-urban linkages and improved regional coordination and collaboration;  (2) increased awareness of poverty issues and clear strategies toward poverty alleviation;  (3) implementation of focused economic development strategies based on local resources and comparative advantages;  (4) improved infrastructure and urban service provision