City development strategy for Hubli-Dharwad



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The Hubli-Dharwad Metropolitan Corporation seeks Cities Alliance support as it undertakes a CDS aimed at providing a sense of direction for the growth of the city, evaluating the current situation and developing a strategy to address issues of municipal management and governance, infrastructure development, service delivery, slum improvement and local economic development.
1) Support Hubli-Dharwad to improve municipal management and governance, provide increased employment opportunities to citizens, work out inclusive strategies for all segments of society, and develop a vision for the equitable growth of the city region, supported by all stakeholders as a common vision;  2) Prepare a CDS for Hubli-Dharwad Municipal Corporation through a sustainable, multi-stakeholder, consultation process;  3) Prepare an agreed vision for growth and economic development of the city region and Action Plan for implementation of the CDS;  4) Initiate implementation of priority activities through new ways of working, consultation and partnerships.
1) Establish a technical team in the Municipal Corporation to work on the CDS with the assistance of the Karanataka’s City Managers’ Association;  2) Develop strategies for: improved governance, infrastructure, and service delivery;  3) Slum upgrading and poverty alleviation;  4) Local economic development and employment generation;  5)  Establish a multi-stakeholder committee to draft a plan for the way forward, confirmed by political leaders, departments, etc.;  6) Establish a Specialist Peer Group, comprised of sector specialists and state government officials, to ensure the direction and evolution of the CDS.
Expected Impacts and Results
It is expected that during the CDS process, the creative dialogue established between Government Departments, between Government Departments and Citizens, between citizens and other citizen groups will identify immediate and long term activities that will be undertaken to improve service provision and management. It is also anticipated that these dialogues will develop into sustainable partnerships for strategic development of the city into the future.