City Development Strategy focusing on Urban Environment Management in Haiphong City



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With a rapid urbanization and industrialization, Haiphong has faced serious environmental problems. Environment pollution has caused adverse effects on people’s health and quality of life, especially for the urban poor. The CDS aims at developing a comprehensive environmental management strategy with public participation and knowledge sharing at national levels.
The objective of the Haiphong CDS is to strategically and systemically address constraints for the development of the city, particularly the environmental issues affecting health and livelihood of the population, such as air quality, water, wastewater and drainage, solid waste, noise and groundwater. The CDS will integrate environmental management issues into the city strategic planning, to amongst others, improve the competitiveness of the city.
The CDS will include the following activities:  1) Follow-up and update previous CDS; 2) Identify priority environmental action plans;  3) Develop urban environmental indicators; 4) Strengthen capacity of local government and state-owned companies; 5) Increase public awareness of urban environmental issues and promote public participation in environmental planning and management; 6) Disseminate CDS to social organizations, NGOs and communities; 7) Sharing the lessons learned with other cities in Vietnam.
Expected Impacts and Results
An integrated urban environmental management strategy to strengthen the capacity of the local government and public environmental service providers. The CDS shall indicate a range of strategic solutions to improve urban environment, such as air, water supply, sewerage, drainage and solid waste management and contribute to strengthening public awareness. The CDS aims at bringing the urban environment to quality standards of internationally competitive cities.