City Development Strategies in Medium-Size Cities in Vietnam



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Vietnam’s Comprehensive Poverty Reduction and Growth Strategy (CPRGS) explicitly deals with urban poverty issues. The proposed CDS for the cities of Ha Long and Can Tho supports the Vietnamese efforts of poverty reduction through innovations in strengthening urban and local government development in cross-sectoral planning, fiscal decentralisation and citizen’s participation. The initiative is fostered by the Vietnamese Urban Forum.
1) Support reform of provincial and local planning laws as well as implementation of community participation in urban planning and management;  2) Increase capacity of municipal governments in managing their cities through a more inclusive and participatory process;  3) Promote and implement Vietnam’s Country Poverty Reduction and Growth Strategy at the local government level;  4) Increase public awareness of municipal planning issues and decisions as well as promote greater public involvement;  5) Disseminate CDS learning process to other Vietnamese cities.
1) Review current master, socio-economic and sector plans;  2) Identify key stakeholders;  3) Establish CDS knowledge sharing network; Vision building for Ha Long and Can Tho;  4) Elaborate strategies and action plans;  5) Elaborate financing strategies;  6) Integrate CDS principles in ongoing government planning processes;  7) Disseminate CDS reports
Expected Impacts and Results
1) Strengthening of decentralisation process in Vietnam;  2) Broadened acceptance of the CDS as a value added good governance tool;  3)  Greater local influence at the national and regional levels, particularly in terms of investments;  4) Broadened participation of citizens in identifying, designing and implementing pro-poor policies and local economic development