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The purpose of this activity is to support the development and implementation of the Cities of Mali without Slums Program, aimed at reducing and upgrading unauthorized areas of substandard settlements in the District of Bamako and other municipalities of Mali, so as to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (Goal 7, Targets 10 & 11).
Specific objectives include: 1) Assess the results of implementation of the National Housing Strategy and issue concrete proposals for implementing the recommendations made for addressing MDGs nationwide; 2) Develop, on a participatory basis, the National Malian Cities Without Slums Program, including M&E arrangements;  3) Identify opportunities to mobilize public and private investment in order to meet the stated objectives; 4) Build the capacities of MHU, DNUH, OMH, ACI, and municipalities with respect to preventing and upgrading slums;  5) Document and disseminate the lessons and practices learned.
1)  Assessment of the National Housing Strategy (1995-2005); Analytical documentation of the phenomenon of unauthorized substandard settlements;  2) Development of the strategic directions of the National Malian Cities Without Slums Program; 3)  Preparation of the action plan to make the strategy operational;  4) Mobilization of financial resources required for implementation;  5) Establishment of a communication and internalization mechanism to ensure the involvement of stakeholders;  6) Execution of a training program for the actors involved; and Program capitalization and expansion;  
Expected Impacts and Results
Increased awareness among local actors by following a strategic approach: 1) National action plan to upgrade and reduce in the medium term (10 years) areas of unauthorized substandard settlements (local action plans in the municipalities and cities involved in the program);   2) Upgrading and actual reduction of unauthorized substandard settlements in Mali (contribution to achieving the MDGs—Goal 7, Targets 10 and 11 before 2020) and meaningful improvement in the living conditions of poor neighborhoods; and Establishment of an appropriate and sustainable institutional and regulatory mechanism to prevent and reduce substandard settlements.