Building an Enabling Strategy for Moving to Scale in Brazil



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The following is the first tranche in what is anticipated to be a multi-year program of developing an enabling strategy for the development and implementation of a large - scale and decentralized upgrading strategy in Brazil. This proposal, and the activities included herein, represent the first time-slice of that multi-year effort, and include those activities which will lay the foundation for developing the level of understanding necessary to scale-up and, as importantly, bring together the various actors, through consensus building and advocacy work, which will play a leading role in facilitating and enabling the coming to scale.
The objective of the activity is to develop an enabling strategy for the scaling-up of urban upgrading in Brazil through advocacy and consensus building and a deepened knowledge of the tools which are necessary to carry that strategy forth.
Through a combination of case studies, analytical work, dissemination activities and policy fora, this proposal would aim to develop an enabling strategy for the scaling-up of upgrading in Brazil, considering the potential at the city and state level, the national level, the private sector and the community. In the process it will seek to create a national network, or informal partnership, necessary to carry forward a decentralized national upgrading strategy for Brazil.
Expected Impacts and Results
A critical knowledge base to be used as a vehicle for knowledge sharing, advocacy and consensus-building.