Bruhat Bangalore Comprehensive Development and Slum Upgradation Strategy



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Lesson Learned for Cities Alliance Members and Partners
The main lesson learned is the need for active participation & coordination between various stakeholders of the city to derive common vision & strategies for planning & implementation of sustainable city development plans. The same was felt during meetings & interaction with different agencies.


Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagare Palike (BBMP), a larger entity for city governance, was created in 2006 to cater to the expansion of city limits and integration of peripheral areas of Bangalore city. BBMP has recognized that the urban planning or city-wide slum upgrading effort is currently fragmented among various institutions like Municipal Corporation, development authorities, utility boards, slum clearance board, housing board, etc. The services in the city are handled by various parastatals with no links to the city government. Recognizing the issues of coordination, this proposal seeks a preparatory grant for establishing an institutional mechanism – a Strategic Advisory Cell – within BBMP that will provide strategic advisory support and develop policy options, strategies and action plans for enabling BBMP to consolidate and set in motion the process of long term sustainable planning including city development and slum upgrading.
The primary objective is to provide technical assistance to BBMP for establishing a Strategic Advisory Cell (SAC) to prepare: (i) policy options and an action plan to address urban poor issues in terms of infrastructure service delivery; (ii) a detailed strategy for improving the urban and regional planning capacity within the BBMP; (iii) a strategy for resource mobilization focused on property and advertisement taxation. To initiate a simple, easy to measure system of benchmarking the service levels in the city, including services to the urban poor.
1) Establish a Strategic Advisory Cell, which would be supported by a team of core functional heads from BBMP and the Cell would be reporting to the Commissioner 2)Prepare detailed terms of reference for undertaking future consultancy studies for preparation of detailed master plans/feasibility studies or carrying out community survey work for achieving the policy objectives; 3) Prepare and coordinate the application process for seeking implementation grant from Cities Alliance; 4) Facilitate the launching of the consultancy studies; 5) Prepare a preliminary proposal for setting up a system of continuously benchmarking the services.
Expected Impacts and Results
It is expected that this grant will increase the institutional capacity for positioning the local government for meeting the development challenges. The impact of the formation of a Strategic Advisory Cell (SAC) in BBMP is very significant due to the fact that the BBMP is making huge investments for city development in terms of infrastructure, service delivery and various other social developmental works especially under the JNNURM & BSUP programmes. There is a need for both technical & advisory support during this coming phase where BBMP is making investments to the tune of Rs. 2000 crore. The Poverty Mapping exercise will help mapping the accurate urban poor data / information which is lacking due to conflicting and outdated data / information making it difficult to carry out developmental works.