Bairro Legal Program



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Lesson Learned for Cities Alliance Members and Partners
Lessons derived from the Task Manager's Completion Report... Participation.  The outcomes of the participatory process resulted in a number of firm proposals for community action at a number of levels.  Through this process, it is ensured that the local community gains a sense of real ownership and control of the organization of public space. The question remains how can urban upgrading measures, provided as part of a plan of action for housing and urbanization, improve the environment and reduce the occurrence of violence.  


An integrated program of housing and urban upgrading encompassing both physical upgrading and land tenure regulation, to be developed through integrated actions in continuous and well-defined areas of the city inhabited by predominantly low-income population. Its scope includes upgrading and regularization of squatter settlements, upgrading and regularization of informal subdivisions, upgrading existing low-income housing projects and production of new housing.
1) Implementation of a housing policy for the city of São Paulo, based on an integrated planning approach;  2) The provision of infrastructure and the upgrading of squatter settlements and informal subdivisions, seeking technological alternatives in order to reduce investment costs;  3) The development of urban standards that promote the cultural identity, history and diversity of the districts and serve the needs and expressed wishes of the population;  4) The launching of participatory processes that incorporate the ideas and the resources of organized social movements (neighborhood associations, interest groups); 5)  Respect for the customs and lifestyles of the resident population and cultural specificity and diversity of the neighborhoods;  6)  The enhancement and reclaiming of public spaces based on the social interaction of the population in streets, blocks and public squares;  7) Development of partnerships with the population, social organizations, NGOs, private enterprise and other agents who may participate and facilitate implementation.
The Bairro Legal Program shall be implemented in 5 stages: Institutional Actions Intervention Plan Definition of priority areas with the community/Management Plan Implementation of Actions Monitoring and Evaluation
Expected Impacts and Results
The expected results of the implementation of the program is the rise in living standards of the excluded population and their autonomous development, with intense participation processes that insure the appropriation, maintenance, consolidation and deepening of resulting benefits.