Bahia Integrated Urban Development Program – Viver Melhor/BIRD: Technical and Methodological Assistance Project (TA)



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Building on the success of the Novos Alagados and the Ribeira Azul Programs in reducing urban poverty, the State Government of Bahia seeks technical and methodological support for the implementation of the Viver Melhor/BIRD Program which aims to reduce poverty in a sustainable manner and ensure the replication of the area-based, integrated and participatory methodology developed in the Ribeira Azul Program.
To support the Government of the State of Bahia in:  1) strategic aspects for the implementation of the Viver Melhor/BIRD Program, in the project areas of Ribeira Azul/Cobre and Pituaçu in Salvador, and Malhado, in the Municipality of Ilhéus;  2) and the definition and adoption of public policy with respect to urban and housing development and poverty reduction, based on principles of inter-sectoral integration and community participation.
1) Replication of the integrated, participatory and area- based methodology applied in the Ribeira Azul Program;  2) Establishment of field offices in project areas that will become a key link between the communities and the government. At least one forum in each project area will be held, in which the actions related to the planning and implementation of the project will be discussed on a regular basis;  3) Independent monitoring and evaluation of the Program’s activities and knowledge dissemination.
Expected Impacts and Results
(i) Improvement in access to housing, basic services and infrastructure for households living in the areas of physical intervention of the three project areas;  (ii) Improvement in access to social services, to employment and income generation opportunities for the households living in the areas of social intervention of the same three project areas; and  (iii) The improvement of government institutions’ capacity (State and Municipality) in defining and operating common strategies of poverty reduction, measured by a specific State Government sector policy and the participatory preparation and implementation of Integrated Local Development Plans.