Alexandria City Development Strategy for Sustainable Development



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More than 30 percent of the population of Alexandria lives in slum areas. To improve their standard of living, prevent the development of new illegal settlements and increase employment opportunities, the city of Alexandria will develop a comprehensive CDS that emphasises environmental aspects and local economic development.
1. To develop a long-, medium- and short-term strategy for local, sustainable economic development, ensuring the improvement of the city’s competitiveness nationally and internationally. This could be achieved by utilising its competitive characteristics effectively, creating job opportunities, providing basic services to deprived areas and removing investment barriers;  2. Improve living and urban standards for squatter areas, Lake Mariout and its surroundings within the urban planning context of the city of Alexandria.
1) Establishment of a task team from executive entities of the Governorate, Local Council, university and research centers and civil society;  2) Assessment of current situation;  3) Design of strategic initiatives and identification of activities to implement the strategic initiatives;  4) Strengthening partnership with civil society through periodic meetings and Public Hearing for approval and presentation of the proposed activities
Expected Impacts and Results
Implementing the proposed strategy will improve the environmental, urban and economic status of the squatter areas and Lake Mariout. This will raise the standards of living of the population of these areas, create new job opportunities for them, improve the general sanitation conditions of the inhabitants and improve the quality of the Lake’s fish production, which should raise the incomes of the fishermen in this area and in Alexandria.