Aleppo City Development Strategy



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Syrian Arab Republic


Development in Aleppo is guided by a Master plan adopted in 2002 and City Council priorities adopted in 2003. Both will be reviewed and a city development strategy prepared that meets feasibility criteria, funding constraints, and the reform agenda of the next national 5-Year Plan. The strategy will focus on key concerns related to poverty, income and employment, and quality of life concerns in five key areas: local economic development, urban service delivery, the urban environment, urban spatial efficiency, and administrative and financial modernization
i) To support the formulation of a city development strategy for Aleppo in consultation with local stakeholders;  ii) To develop institutional capacity that ensures implementation of Aleppo planning priorities;  iii) To prepare training material on lessons learned and to support dissemination.
1) Developing a future vision of Aleppo shared by all stakeholders;  2) Translating that vision into goals;  3) Setting out specific objectives to be achieved;  4) Translating those objectives into tangible programs;  5) Developing specific action plans according to the priorities agreed upon through consultation with stakeholders.
Expected Impacts and Results
1) Improved overall performance and efficiency of municipal departments;  2) Improved urban planning practices;  3) Improved policies/mechanisms for small scale enterprise and informal sector housing.