Al Fayhaa Sustainable Development Strategy (AFSDS)



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The threes cities of Tripoli, El Mina and Beddawy, comprising the Al Fayhaa Union of Municipalities, are looking to a CDS to promote economic growth, increase employment, improve governance and alleviate urban poverty. The CDS will produce a local economic development strategy and investment plan for urban renewal and environmental management.
Develop a strategic development framework to:1) promote the economic growth of Al Fayhaa cities and encourage investments;  2) contribute to poverty alleviation and increase employment;  3) improve urban governance and management.
1) Conduct multi-stakeholder meetings and workshops for CDS planning and consultative processes;  2) Establish and train a project management team;  3) Undertake a city competitiveness assessment;  4) Formulate a local economic development strategy;  5) Undertake an environmental assessment;  6) Contribute to an urban poverty assessment and urban upgrading strategy;  7) Undertake commercial and learning exchange missions;  8) Implement a capacity building and training programme.  
Expected Impacts and Results
Short Term: (i) Adoption and implementation of a CDS Strategy;  (ii) Mobilisation of donor finance for identified investments;  (iii) Lebanese, European and foreign business interests identified;  (iv) National-level endorsement of the AFSDS to ensure replication nationally. Longer Term:  (i) Enhanced urban economic growth through multi-year investment plan, attraction of investors, promotion of business in the three cities; and exploitation of potentials in tourism, industry and commerce;  (ii) Poverty reduced through increased employment; improved living conditions in squatter settlements; and implementation of sound environmental management;  (iii) Improved governance through enhanced local capacities; greater involvement of civil society institutions; participatory planning; and strengthened policy and regulatory frameworks.