Boston Globe: Slums can hold lessons for modern cities

In a March 1 Boston Globe article titled “Learning from Slums,” Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow suggests that while the world’s slums are overcrowded and unhealthy, they possess some unique strengths that could hold lessons for successful urban development.

Some of these strengths include proximity to city centers, walkability, a strong sense of community, and mixed use, meaning that housing and commerce mingle.
In addition, slums are ecologically friendly, since residents use materials that would have ended up in landfills.
Ms. Tuhus-Dubrow points out that, in many cases, these strengths are the results of deprivation, not choice; residents are not choosing to consume fewer resources, even though it may be good for the earth.
She notes that many analysts agree some kind of balance must be reached between improving the standards of living and preserving the benefits of slum neighborhoods.
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