JWP on Cities and Migration: Projects

The Cities and Migration Joint Work Programme will implement activities at the city and global levels. It will engage in nine pilot cities, with activities designed to benefit both migrants and host communities.

While the programme is still in the early stages and the activities will be designed to the specific needs of each city, they are likely to include data collection, studies, awareness campaigns training, and supported pilot initiatives. 

At the global level, the programme will produce several major knowledge products on local migration governance that aim to deliver credible, evidence-based messages to the global discussion on cities and migration. It will also promote the opportunity for secondary cities in low-income countries to share their experiences at the global level. 


The JWP’s activities are centred around four areas:


1. Cities and inclusive migration governance

Activities in this area aim to provide data on urban migrants, evidence-based knowledge products, and supported pilot initiatives that enable local authorities to advance the management of urban migration and integration of migrants and social cohesion. 

2. Cities and labour migration 

For this area, activities seek to provide data, evidenced-based knowledge products, and supported pilot initiatives on labour migration to improve the capacity and mandate of local authorities and key support partners to receive, manage, and integrate labour migrants.

3. Cities and forced migration 

Activities for this area aim to improve data and evidence-based knowledge products for improved management of urban crisis migration, as well as supporting pilot initiatives to demonstrate advanced approaches to migration crisis management. The goal is to help local authorities and key support partners build the capacity and mandate to receive, manage, and integrate involuntary migrants displaced by conflict or environmental shocks.

4. Global partnership and advocacy  

Activities in this area will facilitate cooperation and peer-learning among Cities Alliance members and partners. They will also support  global cooperation, partnership, and advocacy for safe, orderly and regular migration. 


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