Quick Guides for Policy Makers: Housing the Poor in African Cities (UN-HABITAT)

A new tool produced by UN-HABITAT aims to help national and local officials as well as policy makers in African cities improve their understanding of low-income housing issues so that they can make informed policy decisions that benefit the poor.
The Quick Guides for Policy Makers:  Housing the Poor in African Cities series is a set of eight concise, user-friendly guides, each one addressing a different topic related to low-income housing. The series is not aimed at specialists, but instead serves as a quick tool to provide a basic understanding of low-income housing issues.
These Quick Guides are based on a successful series on Housing the Poor in Asian Cities, which was published jointly by UN-HABITAT and the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) in 2009.
The African version, which was written by a team of experts from the African Centre for Cities (ACC), has been adapted to the realities and contexts of Sub-Saharan African countries. Cities Alliance supported the production of the African series.
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