The Collaborative Media Advocacy Platform (CMAP) Human City Project


The Collaborative Media Advocacy Platform (CMAP) is a is a collaboration between local and international community organisers, urban designers, filmmakers, broadcasters, architects, researchers and residents from across Port Harcourt, Nigeria’s informal settlements. It shares skills and technologies that allow people in marginalised urban communities to organise more effectively, plan more appropriately and reach the city with their voice and vision.
Through the Catalytic Fund, Cities Alliance has supported the youth-led participatory mapping component of CMAP’s Human City project -- a community-driven media, architecture, urban planning and human rights initiative in Port Harcourt. It is working with marginalised communities to develop their voice and create a more ‘human city’.

The CMAP team was invited to present its Human City project at the Cities Alliance Assembly meeting in April. This site provides a summary of CMAP’s presentation to the Assembly, and is a wonderful glimpse into an unusual and exciting initiative that is truly becoming a catalyst for change in Port Harcourt.


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