Future Cities Africa Outputs

The Future Cities Africa programme produced three main types of outputs: A feasibility study, research reports, and innovative studies and toolkits.

Feasibility Study

As part of Future Cities Africa, all participating cities carried out Rapid City Resilience Assessments (RCRAs) to identify their resilience challenges and to prioritise areas for action. The Feasibility Study synthesizes all of the RCRAs and an overview of the state of urbanisation in Africa, pointing out key challenges and entry points for achieving inclusive and resilient urban growth.

Executive Summary of the Feasibility Study                        
The Feasibility Study                                                                                                     


Research Reports

These reports comprise demand-driven research focused on improving the evidence base to enable African cities fulfil their potential despite climate, environment and resource challenges. The themes are guided by the Future Cities Africa Normative Framework and prioritised by the participating cities through their RCRAs.

1. Country Briefs

ETHIOPIA: Focus on Regional Secondary Cities                                                                 
GHANA: Greater Accra Metropolitan Area (GAMA)
MOZAMBIQUE: Focus on Development Corridors
UGANDA: Focus on Regional Secondary Cities



2. Briefing Notes

The Capacity Crisis in Africa’s Cities                                                                             
Cities as Engines of Growth: Unlocking Urban Productivity and Job Creation
The Cost of Informality: Winners and Losers in the Urban Economy
Future Proofing City Studies


3. Policy Briefs for Decision Makers

  ETHIOPIA: The Climate Change and Energy Debate         
  GHANA: Urban Governance and Services
MOZAMBIQUE: Guiding the Development of Liveable Cities
UGANDA: The Role of the Informal Economy in City Growth                                             


4. Research Monographs

  The Climate Change and Energy Debate in Ethiopia
  Urban Governance and Services in Ghana: Institutional, financial and functional constraints to effective service delivery
  Urbanization in Mozambique: Assessing Actors, Processes, and Impacts of Urban Growth
  Transformational Change in Sub-Saharan Cities: The Role of Informality in the Hybrid Economy of Uganda


Innovative Studies and Toolkits

These are new areas of research being carried out to complement the research prioritised through the RCRAs and to serve as toolkits for cities.


  City Development Strategies 2.0: Cities Growing with Vision
  An Innovative Data Toolkit for City Management
  Human Resources Capacity Benchmarking: A Preliminary Toolkit for Planning and Management in Africa
  Future Proofing Cities: Ethiopia
  Future Proofing Cities: Ghana
  Future Proofing Cities: Mozambique
  Future Proofing Cities: Uganda