Guidebook for City Development Strategies in Southern Mediterranean Countries

The Guidebook for City Development Strategies in Southern Mediterranean Countries is a practical tool for all actors who are – or are planning to – develop and implement a City Development Strategy (CDS).
It proposes a step-by-step method to translate the concept of CDS into concrete, effective actions, taking into account the particular context of southern and eastern Mediterranean cities. It outlines the various tasks involved with a CDS and objectives to be achieved in each stage of the process.
The Guidebook primarily targets decision-makers (local authorities, state officials, city managers and technicians) as well as their partners (civil society, the private sector, NGOs, neighbourhood associations, trade associations, university community, etc.) and international associations that contribute to the CDS process through assistance or support.
The publication developed out of a conference on urban development strategies in the Mediterranean that was held in Barcelona 14-15 March 2011. The event brought together cities from the region that were already engaged in strategic planning initiatives – including many supported by the Cities Alliance –  as well as development partners that support strategic urban planning.
Participants shared their experiences with strategic planning efforts in the region, results achieved and the difficulties many continue to face. These strategic planning experiences outlined at the conference were subsequently used in the development of the Guidebook.
The conference was supported by the Cities Alliance, Barcelona City Council, the French Caisse des Dépôts, the Marseille Center for Integration in the Mediterranean, the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, and Medcities.


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