The 2020 Africa-France Summit for sustainable cities and regions

The Summit will bring political and economic stakeholders and the public together to address the major challenges of the years to come
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*Re-scheduled to Q1, 2021 - dates to be confirmed*


The 2020 Africa-France Summit for sustainable cities and regions


In the context of the local and international challenges facing Africa and France, cities are major focal point. Africa’s urban population is expected to double to reach 1.2 billion inhabitants by 2050. But as things stand, half of the urban areas that will exist in Africa in 2030 have yet to be built.

Currently, 100 cities on the continent are already home to over 1 million people. Ten of those have 5 million inhabitants, and 23 million people live in Lagos, the largest city in Africa. The decisions we make now in sustainable urban development must make Africa’s future cities socially inclusive, economically productive, resilient and environmentally friendly. To do so, we must mobilise stakeholders from all sectors: the economy, manufacturing, finance, culture and entertainment, education, health, safety, mobility and urban planning.

Taking place in Bordeaux, this Summit will stand out both due to its new format and the high number of visitors. From 4 to 6 June 2020, Emmanuel Macron will welcome leaders from all over Africa, along with their ministerial delegations and mayors, local authorities, businesses and civil society organizations from France and Africa. It will also kick off Africa 2020, the Season of African Cultures in France, which will run from June to December.


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