Cities Alliance Catalytic Fund Notification: Final Donor Approval - 7 June 2011 - Consultative Group

7 June 2011

Dear Consultative Group,
Following my email from 12 April, I am pleased to share with you the final seven concept notes selected for approval for the Cities Alliance Catalytic Fund.
These proposals were selected from an initial batch of 73 proposals - after rejecting those that did not qualify, the balance were all reviewed by the External Evaluation Panel, and then finalised by the Secretariat.  Overall, I believe the process went very smoothly, and we have learned a number of very valuable lessons from the process, which we will be sharing with our EXCO in Ghana in July.
These concept notes will now be developed into full proposals, which will all be posted on the web.  These concepts notes will be considered approved on the  21 June 2011, on a no-objection basis.
In parallel to this email, we have circulated the seven concept notes to the World Bank's Urban Sector Board so as to begin to secure country team concurrences.
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With my best wishes,






William Cobbett
Cities Alliance
1818H Street, NW
Washington DC


Cities Alliance Catalytic Fund Notification, 7 June 2011

1. Tenure Security Facility Southern Africa: the provision of technical assistance and advisory services on incrementally securing tenure in slum upgrading (No. 20)
Country: SSA Multi country
Request to CA: 250,000
Submitted by: Urban Land Mark
CA Member Sponsor: SDI and South Africa Department of Human Settlements


2.  Promoting Climate Resilient City Development and Settlements Upgrading Strategies for Sri Lankan Cities (No. 28)
Country: Sri Lanka
Request to CA: 218,000
Submitted by: National Chapter of Mayors, Sri Lanka (NCM)
CA Member Sponsor: UN-Habitat, World Bank


3.  Housing Sector Development: Making Shelter Assets Work (No. 37)
Country: Ethiopia
Request to CA: 250,000
Submitted by: Ethiopia Ministry of Urban Development and Construction
CA Member Sponsor: GIZ


4.  Promoting affordable and sustainable sanitation services in Freetown (No. 51)
Country: Sierra Leone
Request to CA: 196,300
Submitted by: Freetown City Council
CA Member Sponsor: UN-Habitat


5.  Strategic Plan of the Southern Association of Municipalities of Santiago of Chile: Processing, territorial approach and citizen participation (No. 45)
Country: Chile
Request to CA: 250,000
Submitted by: Asociación de Municipalidades Ciudad Sur   
CA Member Sponsor: Ministerio de Vivienda y Urbanismo de Chile, UCLG


6. Urban Development Strategy of Yaounde and its metropolitan areas of Yaounde-CDS (no. 10)
Country: Cameroon
Request to CA: 240,000
Submitted by: Communauté Urbaine de Yaoundé 
CA Member Sponsor: World Bank


7. ‘Historic Cities Sustainable Development Strategy for Bukhara and Samarkand’ (No. 53)
Country: Uzbekistan

Request to CA: 220,000
Submitted by:  Ministry of Economy
CA Member Sponsor: World Bank


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